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The secret of longevity

The secret of longevityConsidering the mix of peoples and cultures, eating habits, local products generated, the different cuisines of the Mediterranean peoples, easily leads to the conclusion that the term “Mediterranean diet” cannot include, for example, rich in olive oil, food tradition of the Greeks with the animal fat-based cuisine of the countries of North Africa.
The Cretan diet combines all the elements necessary to provide proof of good health: lean diet rich in vegetables, fruits, wholemeal bread, pure cheese, foods cooked with olive oil. It should be noted that the Cretan diet is not a weight loss diet but it is arguably the most balanced diet what if combined with light exercise is most beneficial to the human body.
Another fact that proves the superiority of the Cretan diet concludes an international survey conducted in 1988 that the Cretan diet has become healthier even from the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association. It is also very important conclusion that international research indicates that the Cretan diet is often more effective than medication.

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